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200510 – Depository Library Council – Personal name abbreviations James S. is using in his DLC posts

BJ: Bruce James: Public Printer of the United States: US Government Printing Office
JR: Judith (Judy) Russell: Managing Director: Information Dissemination, US Government Printing Office
MW: Mike Wash: Chief Technical Officer and co-Director of the Office of Innovation and New Technology.
RD: Richard (Ric) Davis: Acting Director: Library Services and Content Management, US Government Printing Office
TE: Thomas (TC) Evans: Assistant Chief of Staff for Strategic Initiatives, US Government Printing Office

AM: Ann Miller: Head, Public Documents and Maps Department: Duke University
BS: Barbara S. Selby: Government Information Librarian: University of Virginia
CE: Charles D. Eckman: Principal Government Documents Librarian: Stanford University
CM: Cheryl Knott Malone: Associate Professor: University of Arizona
DA: Duncan M. Aldrich: DataWorks Coordinator: University of Nevada, Reno
EF: Evelyn Frangakis: Aaron and Clara Greenhut Rabinowitz Chief Librarian for Preservation: New York Public Library
GS: Geoffrey Swindells: : University of Missouri-Columbia
JG: John W. Graham: Department Manager, Public Documents & Patents Department: Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County
LS: Linda Saferite: CEO: Tulsa City-County Library
MP: Marian Parker: Associate Dean for Information Services, Director of the Professional Center Library, Professor of Law: Wake Forest University
MS: Mark Sandler: Collection Development Officer: University of Michigan
PH: Peter Hemphill: Senior Manager, Software Development: IHS Inc. (Information Handling Services)
ST: Susan Tulis: Associate Dean for Information Services: Southern Illinois University
WW: Walter Warnick: Director, Office of Scientific & Technical Information: Department of Energy
WS: William (Bill) Sudduth: Head, Documents and Microforms Department: University of South Carolina

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