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New on FDSys: October 24, 2005

According to our scans of the main FDSys page, no new files have been added to their web site, although the Library Voice of User Survey has been updated with a summary of comments.

Our thanks and compliments to the FDSys office for announcing full survey results on their blog.

The only thing we could ask for would be to release all the comments from the survey instead of providing a summary.

We’d also like to thank the FDSys staff for offering to do the following:

Definitions and clarifications of terms used in the survey that respondents indicated were confusing will be posted by October 21, 2005 to the Library Survey Results page on the FDsys Web site located at http://www.gpo.gov/projects/fdsys.htm.

FGI staff agree with GPO that some of the survey questions could be interpreted in multiple ways.

One other quote from the Library Voice of User Survey is a little disquieting:

Feedback from library partners is highly encouraged. All appropriate questions and comments submitted to the FDsys blog (http://fdsys.blogspot.com/) or the Office of Innovation and New Technology’s e-mail address (int@gpo.gov) will be promptly answered. INT will also make questions and answers to frequently asked questions available on the FDsys blog.

Would someone from GPO (anonymously, if need be) please tell our users what an inappropriate question would be? That seems like a call to limit discussion and your limits should be made public.

That’s all the FDSys news until next Sunday!

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