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GPO and DLC: Thanks for Sharing

Recently, GPO released a sample of EPA documents that had been harvested from the EPA’s website by software agents. These documents were gathered as a result of GPO’s web harvesting project and a sample can now be found at: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/harvesting/index.html.

According to the EPA Web Harvesting page, documents are being made available in two ways:

The first method involves the creating of brief bibliographic records for the monographs and the CONSER standard record format for the serials. The majority of publications included in this sample will be made accessible through this method. Users may conduct a keyword search in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) for the phrase “EPA pilot project” to review these cataloging records. The second method of access being tested involves posting a portion of the publications from the sample to GPO Access using a browse table. At the request of the Depository Library Council, LSCM is also trying to determine if there is a mechanism that enables public access to Web harvested content while these publications are in the queue for brief bibliographic records. LSCM has posted a small portion of the sample to GPO Access using a browse table.

If you want to see the full methodology and the documents available through the browse table, then please visit http://www.gpoaccess.gov/harvesting/index.html.

Regular readers of FGI know that we have problems with brief bibliographic records with no subject access, but we definitely appreciate GPO’s efforts at item description and posting the browse table.

We are also very thankful to the Depository Library Council for requesting that the public be able to access harvested content while the publications are waiting for their brief records. We hope that GPO can find a way to accomodate their request as it will open up many possibilities for getting EPA publications in a timely yet searchable manner.

So thanks for sharing!


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