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Unofficial Transcript of unofficial audio session provided by James Staub. Non-anonymous corrections are welcome.


One year since the contract for Master integrator was awarded to the Harris group

630 – 1300 on recording – check for quality – I was taxing the hard drive at this point trying to create disk space

1046 we are 2/3 of the way through planned spending on FDSys
1049 release 2 will contain preservation function
1050 slide FDSys program status
detailed testing will happen next month
the little itty bitty fdsys

slide fdsys communications updae
1053 slide fdsys communications update
1053 slide fdsys communications update – another starting conferences
contact us at pmo@gpo.gov
1054 slide fdsys communications update – beta testing for 1B
slide Release 1B Interview
1056 slide content submission
1057 slide release 1b content submission
1058 slide release 1c content submission
1059 slide screenshot
1102 slide screenshot of print order form
1102 another slide screenshot of print order form
1102 slide screenshot
1103 slide screenshot upload file
1103 slide screenshot publication tab – metadata input
1103 KATE SWORD slide metadata and content packages
1105 slide what is a package?
Warwick framework used to ensure metadata connection to the digital object
1106 information package life cycle
1107 slide METS: data about metadata
1108 slide content metadata
1109 slide [diagram]
1110 slide descriptive metadata
1110 slide administrative metadata
1111 slide a layered approach
1114 slide access and delivery
1115 slide release 1b access and delivery
1116 slide release 1c access and delivery
1118 slide screenshot fdsys search results, and another
1120 slide screenshot of fdsys search results, sorted
1121 slide screenshot of fdsys search results, “navigators” and filtering
1122 slide screenshot fdsys content detail
1124 slide questions and answers
slide staff antique photo

1125 PH – being able to find what you’re looking for within the system.Suggest that GOP collect feedbak on what’s not working
1125 PH – suggests GPO work heavily on marketing
1126 PH – suggests training for users with such a complex interface will be very helpful
LL – GPO is looking into synonyms/aliases to help search results
Celine Delucky – number of plans in the works for training
1128 PH – will there be an ability for users to mine their own searches [?] ?
LL –
1129 KS – how much work did you do with the Web harvesting pilot?
ML – I was program manager for the Web harvesting pilot, and looking toward integrating tools in the FDSys in release 2.

1131 Barbie Selby, UVA – RD mentioned handles vs. PURLs. What’s that mean for OpenURL?
Gil Baldwin, GPO – OpenURL is a more ganualr application than we were aiming for, but we believe that handles will support OpenURL
1133 Kim ? U Maryland – how does FDSys ingest geodata? What standards are being used?
Kate Sword – release 1b doesn’t include geodata
LL – partnerships – we will need to work with the community to determine the best way to handle geodata
1134 AM – suggests GPO contact XXXX for help with geodata in libraryland
1135 Cathy Amon, from ? What’s the relationship between CGP and FDSys?
Kate Sword – when FDSys is released, you can search for content in both systems. We hope to integrate the two into one single interface for access
1136 XX, Clairemont College – we are evaluating what we want to do with our depository collection… where do libraries come into this? Will my administrators be asking why we need a depository library at all? Suggests to councl they develop an answer, suggestions
BS the community continues to wrestle with this question
1138 RD the FDSys provides access files, but libraries might also provide access copies and participate in digital deposit
1140 GS – librarians have a place in the FDSys as experts – a library link on the page
1140 MAB, AALL – Agencies fulfill their GPO obligations at varying levels. What success have you had with outreach?
MW – we have been somewhat successful with outreach, and we need to do more. We need to continue to prove that there are technical solutions to authentication problems. We have worked closely with OMB – they are looking to see agencies interoperate and communicate. Dick Burke, system architect at OMB, is very interested in FDSys – he’s been citing our work as a best practice, which is exciting to us.
1144 AM I want crawling to be robust in the system – agencies want the easiest route possible. If we continue to ask for filled out forms, etc etc, then we will continue to have fugitive documents.
MW – we are working with agencies to make things as easy as possible for the content providers. We have and continue to spend time telling folks how hard it is for our work to work in a world of self-publishing
ML – met with users to go over user interface, and will continue. We don’t want to create a system that makes more work.
AM – GPO needs to be like a butler – everything gets done, but you hardly notice that he’s there.
Celine DeLucky – we have been talking to many information gateway folks – webmasters, etc.
1150 Marsha Marster? Where? – I see really important environmental documents – they need to be in the mainstream of FDSys
RA we are in a transitional stage. NM digital archive project – we quickly moved from state documents to fugitive documents related to New Mexico. We librarians could play roles as interpreters. We should focus on regional and state-level information.
1153 PH A lot of the most powerful computers in the world integrate information from multiple sources and allow people to find the information they’re looking for. I see FDSys evolving into… libraries would be feeding authenticated information into the system
1155 Steve Woods, Penn State – suggests GPO harvest extant metadata – we have cataloged websites – use our metadata. Question: of the 200K harvested docs, how many have metadata? Also, work to ingest numeric data sets.
ML – session tomorrow on harvesting – please attend!
1157 adjourn

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