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Free Government Information (FGI) is a place for initiating dialogue and building consensus among the various players (libraries, government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, journalists, etc.) who have a stake in the preservation of and perpetual free access to government information. FGI promotes free government information through collaboration, education, advocacy and research.

200704160830 FDLP-DLC GPO UPDATE

Unofficial Transcript of unofficial audio session provided by James Staub. Non-anonymous corrections are welcome.

200704160830 FDLP-DLC GPO UPDATE

wifi code is on the bulletin board
reception at Colorado history museum tonight

0837 Bill Turry introduction
0838 Bill Turry begins
0840 named Ric Davis as acting superintendent of documents
0840 I fully support the partership of GPO with the FDLP libraries
0841 GPO annual report for 2006
secure intelligent documents, and other list items leading toward fulfilling the 21st century vision
0843 finances : eliminating positions and rerouting the money
0843 changes in party control of Congress
most GPO oversight positions are filled by women for the first time in history
0846 funding at essentially flat levels
0847 we need the support of the library community to make needed requests
Congressional printing
109.5M up from 70M to cover shortfalls under the current continuing resolution
33M -> 45M for staffing
33M is for depository program
12.5M up, 40%
of this 7.4M for new projects
10.5M to support FDSys, which will be ready to go public this year. Releases 2 and 3 coming up.
0851 legacy digitization
0851 building move is not supported by the Congressional Budget Office, who scored the project at $320M cost. We will ask the JCP for advice when they get seated.
0853 passports. Public demand for passports is very high. Annual production rates at GPO may rise to 20M passports per year – rapidly becoming one of GPO’s biggest products.
0854 productivity measures
collaboration and outreach
0855 authentication
0856 Title 44 should be updated, but we need to wait for the new JCP

more than 200 registrants for the conference – but lots back at home. Take this information back to them.
FDLP Desktop will be updated with proceedings, and podcasts will be made available
0859 GPO’s commitment to no-fee access
0859 the theme of this conference is partnerships
0901 GPO has procured OPAL – CGP training is archived and available.
[dealing with harddrive problems]
civil rights collection is being digitized. WW2 collection, too.
0904 public and private laws beta test, including authentication
0905 harvesting – first pilot is complete
0906 digitization
0907 OPAC live for just over a year
z39.50 implementation by new automation librarian
0908 FDLP Desktop redesign
0909 PURLs – moving to handles, identified as the permanent locator of choice for FDSys
0909 AskGPO – working on redesign of the backend and workflows, and more training, and I am confident you will see an improvement in service. I believe that accountability in resolving your questions is the most important thing that we do. Contact me directly if you have an unresolved question
0911 assessment
0911 metrics – since december, outcome measures have been posted monthly to the FDLP Desktop. Help us by telling us which metrics you need.
0912 New content for library users
NTIS pilot – DARTS – 250 depositories are signed up already
PACER – approval might come this fall, and GPO is working on implementation method
0914 housekeeping
Fall DLC : Doubletree hotel in Arlington, Oct 14-17
Depository of the year nominations are being accepted
All depository libraries should have at least one staff subscribed to GPO-FDLP-L
Thanks to GPO staff

0917 JAMES MALDEN, standing in for Robin
Digitization of legacy collection
0919 online education with OPAL
0920 fall dlc
0921 spring 2008 dlc location and dates will be announced soon
0921 interagency seminar the week of July 30
0922 requests for GPO speakers
0923 depository distribution. The claims backlog has been down for the past three months
GPO has had problems with its address file
0925 public access assessments
0926 communications – administrative notes, FDLP-L, and perhaps postcards
0926 nominations for Depository Library of the Year are being accepted now

0932 focus on eliminating lag time for updating fdlp desktop
0932 replacing WAIS
0935 partnerships
0937 new federal depository handbook. Monday May 7 is the deadline for comments on the 5 chapters released earlier this month
0938 metrics

[still dealing with drive problems… she’s mostly talking about CGP improvements]
PURL cleanup product tests
FDLP Library Directory – new product – available through CGP. We need your help cleaning up the data, adding additional data for new fields.
0950 cataloging and acquisitions
Cataloging staff has been helping with other projects, hence the low numbers
Jeff Rowbinski is new acquisitions manager
0952 lost docs
0953 some output statistics…
0955 little projects
brief bibs – acquisitions records added early in the process and devloped over time
0956 Serial Set information in CGP – individual reports have 440 serrial statement
0957 5K+ active serials – working on checking these in to the CGP
0958 DTIC’s automated metadata extraction – GPO has draft MOU with DTIC to investigate
0959 oursourcing historic shelf list – 1M cards dating back to 1880. GPO will reissue the job

GW timeline on implementation of WAIS replacement?
TB current configuration is 20-some servers, and problems largely come out of their indexing problems. We will be consolidating these to 4 servers.
RD we’re bandaiding WAIS, but looking forward to new search and retreival services through FDSys.

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