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Free Government Information (FGI) is a place for initiating dialogue and building consensus among the various players (libraries, government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, journalists, etc.) who have a stake in the preservation of and perpetual free access to government information. FGI promotes free government information through collaboration, education, advocacy and research.

20070415 FDLP-DLC Council and Keynote

Unofficial Transcript of unofficial audio session provided by James Staub. Non-anonymous corrections are welcome.

20070415 FDLP-DLC Council and Keynote

1533 dedication to Ridley
1535 council intro
r a
k s
AM Ann Miller
PH Peter Hemphill
LS has resigned
MP is absent

1537 Council Aerobics
1st time: 10-ish
since before 1990: 20-ish
former council: 10-ish
regionals: 15-ish
public: 5-ish
GPO 15-ish

1541 packet includes registrant list, schedules, etc

1546 Council is working on recommendations to GPO for Vision for 21st century.
Theme of partnership

1548 Peter R Young, Director, National Agricultural Library introduction
1551 Peter Young begins
1554 Peter Young begins, again
1556 slide: what is the role of the FDLP system in an age of digital networks?
Funny insurance claims
1600 what would be the consequences of the FDLP going out of existence
how could we restructure partnerships to meet 21st century needs
what roles do gpo and fdlp perform when federal information is accessible directly from the agencies
what elements have made federal partnerships work in the past
1601 knowledge will forever govern contains 0 specific initiatives – we are here to work on forging these
1603 slide elements of successful partnerships
1612 second joke – performance evaluations
1615 successful partnerships
USDA creation in 1862 to distribute seeds and plants under Lincoln
GPO Superintendent of Documents established in 1869
Both are partnerships between federal agency and local/state institutions
1619 slide common elements of partnerships: FDLP and Land Grants
1620 slide part 2, part 3
1623 slide forces of change on partnerships
1629 slide change forces – FDLP
1631 slide change forces – land grant university
1637 slide past vs. future
1637 slide balancing for successful partnerships
1638 slide Successful NAL Partnerships: A Twenty-first Century Perspective
NAL partnerships: AgNIC AgSpace National Digital Library for Agricultural
1641 slide agnic
UT focuses on pet health
bee colony collapse – if bees aren’t healthy, this is a crisis
1643 slide AgSoace – NAL’s digital repository
slide AgSpace
1644 slide National Digital Library of Agriculture
1645 slide NDLA
1646 slide FDLP & USDA/NAL
1648 slide Elements of Successful Partnerships
How does the FDLP achieve the goals from the vision statement?
1649 slide FDLP: transforming a 19th century partnership
suggests we de-anonymize ourselves – personalize ourselves in our service. Also suggests we decrease focus on description of FDLP materials.
1651 slide … – new role – the interface to federal government information
1651 slide partnerships in a digital world…
1652 slide quote: evolve or die
Thomas Friedman quote – America will need and want to get its groove back…

MS: PY second point – shared values and trust. Are there administrations or points in tim that are better at playing with academic institutions
PY: libraries can fare well under both D and R administrations

state library agency discussion forum Tuesday 5pm in Aspen room.
*Tell Richard I cannot be there.
Law librarians

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