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Read this week! GPO discussing digital deposit at Fall 2006 DLC!

On October 17, 2006, the FDLP-L listserv announced the availability of a briefing paper to be used for discussion at the Fall 2006 Depository Library Council meeting. The paper is called Digital Distribution to Federal Depository Libraries (PDF).

According to the FDLP posting, this document will be used in a discussion at DLC next Wednesday, October 25, 2006. We at FGI strongly encourage you to read the two page document before then. We would also like to commend Council and GPO for having this discussion and asking what seem to be good questions for a system of digital deposit.

The bulk of briefing paper is a listing of general assumptions and questions for discussion in seven different areas. As you might imagine, we have have some thoughts both about the assumptions and the discussion questions. We have begun writing and collecting our thoughts at http://freegovinfo.info/node/680

We’re hoping to start a discussion here, so if you have comments of your own, or wish to challenge our assumptions, facts, biases, etc, please either use the comments form or send an e-mail to admin AT freegovinfo dot info. When discussion appears to have drawn to a close, we will send our commentary plus your comments to GPO.

As of this writing, we’ve finished the section on general assumptions. By Friday we hope to finish our responses to the discussion questions. But don’t wait to join us. Go ahead and comment on any of the sections. If you are going to Council, share your thoughts in person as well.

Update 10/17 7pm – The Access discussion questions have now been addressed. Feel free to comment on that or any other item.

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