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Update Report on January 2010 Lost Docs


In addition to our usual monthly report, we at the Lost Docs Project Blog will from time to time revisit, check, and update posted document receipts that at the time of their corresponding monthly reports were still classed as fugitives. The following report focuses on the receipts posted from January, 2010. They were reported to GPO between August 2008 and January 2010, the majority between December 2009 and January 2010.

Of the 85 fugitive document receipts posted January 2010, 29 (34%) of the titles have had records added to the Catalog of Government Publications (CGP), 21 of these have been added since the January 2010 monthly report. Two of the titles we identified as “Preservation Needed”.

While the low percentage of those cataloged is disappointing, we are appreciative of those records that have been created and added to the CGP. Found documents can be viewed by looking at the blog posts with January 2010 dates http://lostdocs.freegovinfo.info/category/found/ and/or view a listing by visiting https://sites.google.com/site/founddocslisting/

One note, if you pull up the found or fugitive documents on the blog, you may notice that some are marked as both fugitive and found. This means that the receipt was for two formats of a document (usually electronic and paper), and a record has been added to the CGP for one of the formats.

For this report we are also providing a breakdown of cataloging times. 36% of the items cataloged from the January 2010 posted receipt titles were cataloged between 200 and 300 days. 15% were cataloged within less than 100 days and 15% between 100 and 200 days. A more detailed breakdown is provided below. Note, these numbers and percentages include those titles with two versions reported. Both versions are represented in the figures below, 33 total.

less than or equal to 100 days
5 (15%)

>100 days but less than or equal to 200 days
5 (15%)

>200 days but less than or equal to 300 days
12 (36%)

>300 days but less than or equal to 400 days
4 (12%)

>400 days but less than or equal to 500 days
4 (12%)

>500 days but less than or equal to 600 days
1 (3%)

>600 days but less than or equal to 700 days
1 (3%)

1 (3%)

If you report a fugitive document to GPO, please send your e-mailed receipt to lostdocs@freegovinfo.info. We welcome any item reported to GPO in the past month. It is best if you can send us the receipt the same day you get it from GPO. Some e-mail programs will support auto-forwarding. If so, please consider autoforwarding items where the subject contains “lostdocs submission.”

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