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Lost Docs Report/Update on November-December 2009 Fugitive Documents


In addition to our usual monthly report, we at the Lost Docs Project Blog will from time to time revisit, check, and update posted document receipts that at the time of their corresponding monthly reports were still classed as fugitives. The following report focuses on the receipts posted from November-December 2009.

Of the 149 fugitive document receipts posted November-December 2009, 49 (33%) of the titles have had records added to the Catalog of Government Publications (CGP), 26 of these have been added since the November and December 2009 monthly reports. Three of the cataloged titles had not been assigned a PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator) so we also marked these as “Preservation Needed”. While the low percentage of items cataloged is disappointing, we are appreciative of those records that have been created and added to the CGP. A list of cataloged items, based on the posted receipts, can be viewed at or visit the Lost Docs Project Blog and view the “found” items with November-December 2009 dates. We have highlighted a few of the document titles cataloged since the 2009 monthly reports, they are listed below.

Read you Loud and Clear!: The Story of NASA’s Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network (EL)

Mineral Investigations in the Bristol Bay Mining District Study Area, Southwest Alaska (EL)

Nuestros hijos, nuestra responsabilidad (EL)

Behind International Rankings of Infant Mortality: How the United States Compares with Europe (EL)


If you like the concept of a public listing of fugitive documents reported to GPO, there are a number of easy ways to help us:

1.If you report a fugitive document to GPO, send your e-mailed receipt to We welcome any item reported to GPO in the past month. It is best if you can send us the receipt the same day you get it from GPO. Some e-mail programs will support auto-forwarding. If so, please consider autoforwarding items where the subject contains “lostdocs submission.”

2.Visit the blog at and comment on the listed items. Comments can include — Did your library receive the item? Did you find it in the CGP? Do you think the item is out of scope for the CGP? Did you report the item as well and so on.

3.Post the blog link to your website or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

4.Subscribe to the blog feed at or better yet incorporate the feed into your website or blog.

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Meredith Johnston
Jeffrey Hartsell-Gundy

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