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More information on shutdowns of federal websites

Informative, but non-essential websites are likely candidates for being shut down.

White House says critical websites won’t be affected by shutdown, By William Matthews, Next Gov (04/07/2011).

In the event of a government shutdown, federal websites “would remain operational” if they are deemed “necessary to avoid significant damage to the execution of authorized or accepted activities,” a White House official told Nextgov in an email message late Wednesday.

…For the duration of a shutdown, agency-operated websites that are not judged to be critical “would not remain active,” the official said. That doesn’t mean they will necessarily vanish from the Internet. Rather, if they remain available, the information on them might not be up to date, and transactions submitted to agencies through the sites might not be processed until the shutdown ends…

Sites to be closed include the International Trade Administration, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Economics and Statistics Administration, the and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

…Informative, but non-essential websites, such as USASpending.gov, ITDashboard.gov and Data.gov are likely candidates for being shut down…

…Agencies are expected to post notices on their Web home pages about which online features will work and which won’t during the shutdown.

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