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yes we scan revisited

On 02.24.2009, FGI “wholeheartedly and without reservation” endorsed the YES WE SCAN campaign of Carl Malamud for Public Printer of the United States. Mother Jones unequivocally endorsed Malamud one week later: “President Obama, Appoint Carl Malamud!” (Jonathan Stein | Mon March 2, 2009):

Carl Malamud is a badass. If you are a techie or a transparency geek, you probably already know who he is. If you’ve never heard of him, he is an internet pioneer who has worked for decades, at times using renegade means, to make government information public. He fought to make the information in the SEC’s “EDGAR” database free and public (which it now is) and is currently leading a similar fight over the court records database PACER. Today, Malamud has another campaign. He wants to become the Public Printer of the United States, i.e. the head of the Government Printing Office (GPO)…”

The Lede Blog, NYTimes.com, looks at Malamud’s campaign in “Yes He Scan” (03.04.2009): “To show that he’s the people’s choice, Mr. Malamud is asking for support in the form of links to his site. So far he says he’s got more than 700 endorsements, like these tweets, and this blog post by Lawrence Lessig, which says, in part:

I can’t imagine a more exciting appointment. Sometimes an agency needs STASIS. Sometimes it needs CHANGE. Gov’t tech is certainly in the second category, and no one I know of could more effectively deliver on the commitment to open government than he.'” [Lessig Blog | 02.27.2009]

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