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September BOTM Wrap-Up

September’s gone already? Well, brief as the month was, I want to say I’ve really enjoyed being September’s Blogger of the Month. Posting here and watching new stories come up daily has been a real treat. My thanks to the FGI folks for giving me a great venue for posting thoughts and finds! And in that spirit, here’s a little mish-mash of what I’ve been reading the past two days.

I find it pretty telling (in a geeky way) of where the nation’s attention lies, that I’m getting timeout errors in so many areas related to the Economic Stimulus Bill and the general financial hoopla. This morning, I couldn’t get to related articles on Wikipedia.

Yesterday posted a high-traffic-volume message to the effect of, “we’ll be back when everyone chills out.” Today, they’ve posted the Economic Stimulus Bill details at the top of the page, with a note stating, “We’ll have more info here as soon as it’s posted on the government website THOMAS, maybe tomorrow. If that’s not fast enough, tell your representative that the Library of Congress needs the funding and a mandate to enter the 21st century for legislative information.” Indeed.

And now for something completely different! I’ve been looking through Resource Shelf‘s GovDocs category lately, and made several interesting finds, including Statescape (fee-based, but includes lots of free state gov info) and an overview of the new features on

And in a follow-up to the earlier government Twitter posts, here are a few more feeds I’m following:

And a Happy Autumn to you all!

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