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Recess appointment for GPO Public Printer?

According to today’s Roll Call, the confirmation process for GPO’s Nominee for Public Printer, Robert Tapella, seems to be progressing *very* slowly if at all. No confirmation proceedings have yet been scheduled. Might we have a recess appointment ala John Bolton?

Senate Takes Its Time With GPO Nominee – By Elizabeth Brotherton, Roll Call – June 6, 2007

(NOTE: Excerpts below since the Web site is subscription access only)

Nearly two weeks after President Bush revealed his choice for the next public printer, Government Printing Office Chief of Staff Bob Tapella is still waiting for Congress to schedule confirmation proceedings on his promotion.

But in the meantime, there remain a number of issues facing the GPO, from how its digital and technological transformation will continue to whether the agency will move into a new building – a primary goal of former Public Printer Bruce James.

…”A date for the hearing has not been set.”? The GPO has been without a permanent head since James stepped down in January. Acting Public Printer William Turri has been leading the agency since that time – with Tapella as a close partner.

The agency is in the midst of a number of technology initiatives, from making more government documents available online to implementing its Future Digital System, which would allow users to preserve, authenticate, manage and deliver federal documents

…”The Congress is dependent upon the ability of the GPO to provide printed and electronic versions of our legislative documents and the Congressional Record in a timely matter,” he said. “With the increasing workload of Congress, the public printer needs to continue to assure the Congress that his agency
will have the available resources to meet our legislative demands so that we can carry out our duties.”

…”Turri … is doing a competent job, and I hope the Senators will not feel rushed,” Brady said. “GPO is the U.S. government’s premier printing organization, among the largest in the world. I urge the Senate to give the nomination the careful scrutiny it deserves.”

Joint Printing ranking member Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) said he is “extremely pleased” with Tapella’s nomination.

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