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Lost webpages?

CBS reported that the Alabama Department of Homeland Security has a website that listed groups they consider possible terrorists. However, after the agency received complaints from people, some Web pages were removed from the list.

The original list of the groups that the agency considered possible terrorists were:

  • Environmentalists
  • Anti-Genetics (those opposed to genetically-altered crops)
  • Animal Rights
  • Anti-Abortion
  • Anti-Nuclear
  • Anti-War
  • Pro-Gay Right

This is a classic example of the abuse that can occur when a politically motivated governmental body controls information without any sort of vetting process. I am wondering if any library or individuals were able to capture the removed websites. Or will this be a permanently lost document? I did a quick, not thorough search in the WayBack Machine but no luck.

Update 5/29/2007

Thanks to Valerie for pointing out this page has been saved by a library/archives agency.

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