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The “Evolving” Congress

Here is a new CRS report on “The Evolving Congress.” It is a compendium of 22 reports that examine how and why Congress evolved over the previous decades to where it is today.

  • Congressional Research Service. 2014. The Evolving Congress. Senate. Committee on Rules and Administration. Senate Committee Print 113–30 (“89–394”) (Y 4.R 86/2) Washington: Government Printing Office. (December 1, 2014).

Well documented with lots of citations.

Table of Contents

  • The Evolving Congress: Overview and Analysis of the Modern Era
  • Being a Member of Congress: Some Notable Changes During the Last Half Century
  • Tweet Your Congressman: The Rise of Electronic Communications in Congress
  • Collaborative Relationships and Lawmaking in the U.S. Senate: A Perspective Drawn from Firsthand Accounts
  • The 113th Congress and the U.S. Population: Discussion and Analysis of Selected Characteristics
  • Congressional Staffing: The Continuity of Change and Reform
  • The Unchanging Nature of Congressional Elections
  • Understanding Congressional Approval: Public Opinion from 1974 to 2014
  • Comparing Modern Congresses: Can Productivity Be Measured?
  • Recent Innovations in Special Rules in the House of Representatives
  • Changes in the Purposes and Frequency of Authorizations of Appropriations
  • Congress Evolving in the Face of Complexity: Legislative Efforts to Embed Transparency, Participation, and Representation in Agency Operations
  • Committee Assignments and Party Leadership: An Analysis of Developments in the Modern Congress
  • Congress and Financial Crises
  • Shocks to the System: Congress and the Establishment of the Department of Homeland Security
  • Like Clockwork: Senate Consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act
  • The SBA and Small Business Policymaking in Congress
  • Use of the Appropriations Process to Influence Census Bureau Policy: The Case of Adjustment
  • The Evolution of U.S. Disaster Relief Policy
  • Congress’ Role in the Evolution of Federal Block Grants as a Policy Instrument: From Community Development to Homeland Security
  • The Tax Extenders: How Congressional Rules and Outside Interests Shape Policy
  • The Dynamics of Congressional Policymaking: Tax Reform

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