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Apple’s iPhone brings multi-touch interface to the masses?

As we all know, computing technology affects what users can do and how they do it and it has major impacts on libraries. We don’t usually cover technology as such on FGI because it is well covered on so many other sites on the web.

But one technological breakthrough that we’ve been watching in development for more than a year, “multi-touch” screens, definitely deserves mention today. See Another video of next generation computer interface for some links. WATCH THE VIDEO and you’ll understand why we think this technology “will likely have the same impact on the way we interact with information today as the web had on the way we used to interact with text-based databases: more use, more users, easier use, more options, less instruction…”

So, why mention this today? Because Apple is using this technology on its new “iPhone.” I thought the breakthrough would happen when we had really large screens with this technology, but between Apple’s design sense and high visibility, this is probably the consumer device that will spur the development of this technology into other areas.

Check out the demonstrations on the Apple site to get a feel for the small screen version of multi-touch technology!

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