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Best. Titles. Ever. Better with Tumblr!

A few weeks ago I (Daniel) was approached by Aimee Slater, a government documents reference assistant with the Brooklyn College Library. She and her boss really enjoyed the Best. Titles Ever. page and Flickr photo group that were populated with funny, bizarre and intriguing titles found by documents librarians around the country. Aimee asked if we had plans to revitalize the group or the page. I told her that we did not, but that all of us at FGI would be thrilled if she would take the lead on a revitalization plan.

Aimee came through for us and for the docs community with a Tumblr blog. We invite anyone who has a title (preferable with cover photo) to submit a Best. Titles. Ever. If you have a tumblr account, we strongly encourage you to follow besttitlesever and share the covers. Add your own commentary if you like.

For more details on the blog, see Aimee’s govdoc-l announcement below:


Happy Sunshine Week!

Free Government Information  (http://freegovinfo.info/)  and I are pleased to announce the relaunch of Best.Titles.Ever, now on Tumblr!

Formerly hosted by Flickr, Best.Titles.Ever. is an exploration of government sources, particularly ones with titles that are funny, intriguing, interesting, convoluted, or clever.  Or any combination of the above.

Over the next few weeks, we will be migrating gems from Flickr to the new Tumblr as well as posting newer publications. Whether you are familiar with the previous site or new to the world of zany government source titles, we encourage you to bookmark the Tumblr and share it with your networks.

As you process incoming docs, weed through your current collection, and help patrons find sources, please keep us in mind!  We are actively accepting submissions via the Tumblr site of any govdoc – municipal, state, fed, or international – with a title that strikes you as share-worthy.

Check us out!  http://besttitlesever.tumblr.com/

Free Government Info
Aimee Slater, MLIS
Reference Assistant
Brooklyn College Library
Government Information Sources Unit

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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