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State Agency Databases Project Activity Report 1/19/2014

Last week was sorta quiet at the State Agency Databases Project at http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/State_Agency_Databases.


Today’s featured database was provided by John Stevenson, our volunteer for Delaware. It provides material to ponder in response to the question, “Are Delaware’s vanity plates really the ugliest in the nation?” as reported by Delaware Online.

Delaware Vanity Plate Search and Reservation
(https://citizen.dmv.de.gov/public.ejs?command=PublicVanityPlate) –

Operated by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles.  Delaware has fewer than one million residents and assigns numeric license plates. Vehicle owners who want to display letters instead of numbers may determine the availability of lettered vanity plates and reserve them using this database.  The search page allows people to see how a tag will look and reserve it if it’s available.


The following six state pages on the State Agency Databases Project are still open for adoption:

If you are interested in being the documents specialist for one of these pages, please read our Volunteer Guide. If you feel like you can meet the requirements, e-mail Daniel Cornwall, project coordinator at danielcornwall AT gmail dot com.


KANSAS (Pam Crawford)

Kansas Road Conditions – Searchable by region, the resulting customized map shows current road conditions due to weather or road work. Color-coding and symbols designate problems like ice, snow-pack, high water, road construction and road closures. Webcams are marked as well so you can view conditions at those locations.

WASHINGTON (Marilyn Von Seggern)

Washington Tracking Network – State environmental and health information data for air quality, asthma, biomonitoring, birth defects and outcomes, lead risk, carbon monoxide, radon, and more. Each topic opens with ‘measures and data’ which offers an introduction, definitions, and links to other data sources. Click on “Query Data,” set the measures, and search for information.


Next Sunday will find me in Philadelphia for ALA Midwinter 2014. Fellow FGI ‘erJames R. Jacobs will also be there. Come find us! And if you’d like to adopt an orphan page, I can sign you up on the spot if I’m not running late for one of my meetings.

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