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Remix: Iraq Study Group Report

Lapham’s Quarterly and the Institute for the Future of the Book “present a new form of discussion and critique — an annotated edition of the ISG Report on a website programmed to that specific purpose, evolving over the course of the next three weeks into a collaborative illumination of an otherwise black hole.”

Iraq Study Group Report, With a running conversation in the margins…

We’ve opened up the report to a quorum of informed sources both foreign and domestic, asking them for notes, commentaries and corrections at any point in the proceedings that incites them to further clarification or forthright translation into plain English. The respondents are free to address any one of the seventy-nine recommendations, to doubt an assertion or deconstruct a paragraph, to bring to bear an historical perspective on an opaque sentence or a clichéd chapter heading, to lend the ballast of their collective marginalia to the hot air balloon of a text sorely in need of tethering to the ground of common sense and geopolitical reality.

—Lewis Lapham

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