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Is USGS Seamless website down?

Is USGS Seamless website down?

The USGS Seamless website (Seamless Data Distribution System, Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS)), which has provided high-resolution satellite imagery of several dozen US cities without restriction and which has always been publicly accessible, now has a message on the homepage that says “The system is currently experiencing an interruption of service. All Seamless servers and services will be unavailable until further notice.” Links are still active on the home page, though, and some still work and link to other servers. It is unclear what is online and what is not available.

Cryptome (29 April 2006) wonders if we are about to lose access…

Seamless began to go insane about a week ago, at times freezing, or delivering a variety of messages, and at one point requiring a password for access. Here’s hoping Seamless has not been targeted for public closing by the secrecy-obsessed.

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