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Citizen groups fight back against government secrecy

Web availability of government information continues to be a mixed blessing. With so much information so easily available to so many people, access in many ways can be considered much improved. But with GPO’s refusal to deposit digital government information in depository libraries, more information can be withdrawn without public notice.

A new article in FCW reports on the issues:

  • Decrying secrecy, citizen groups fight back, by Aliya Sternstein, Federal Computer Week, Feb. 27, 2006.
  • Public interest groups and federal officials agree on one thing: Because of homeland security concerns, information that was once readily available on public Web sites has steadily disappeared in recent years. But the agreement ends there.

    Includes a sidebar “Disenfranchising GPO” that describes how agencies have taken control of their information and are publishing it online without notifying GPO.

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