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UN report on Guantanamo Bay

The UN’s Economic and Social Council Commission on Human Rights released a report on February 15, 2006 calling on the United States to close immediately the detention center in Guantánamo Bay and bring all detainees before an independent and competent tribunal or release them. Below is a copy for download of the document (UN doc number E/CN.4/2006/120). Here’s the UN Press release, the link to the PDF document and the NYTimes article describing the document (go to BugMeNot if you’re asked to log in!).

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  1. It’s easy to condemn the UN when it reports on problems and concerns at Guantanamo Bay and other detention facilities, but people should check out some of our own government’s documents related to the prisons before dismissing abuse stories out of hand.

    US Docs related to torture obtained through the Federal Freedom of Information Act.

    Congressional Research Service Reports mentioning Gitmo

    How many “isolated incidents” does it take to establish torture as government policy? Especially from an admistration that refuses to carry out the McCain amendment as passed by Congress?

    “And besides all that, what we need is a decentralized, distributed system of depositing electronic files to local libraries willing to host them.” — Daniel Cornwall, tipping his hat to Cato the Elder for the original quote

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