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Secrecy Report 2013 from

The 2013 edition of the Secrecy Report from is now available.

  • Secrecy Report 2013 –The Tip of the Iceberg (announcement) (October 1, 2013)

    Today’s release of the 2013 Secrecy Report, the 9th annual review and analysis of indicators of secrecy in the federal government by, comes amid shocking revelations that cast doubt on the accuracy and the meaningfulness of the government’s statistics about surveillance…. [T]he government’s insistence on keeping interpretations of the law secret and a lack of oversight by Congress and the Judicial Branch helped set the stage for a surveillance program that is much broader than previously believed.

  • Secrecy Report 2013: Indicators of Secrecy in the Federal Government. by Patrice McDermott, Amy Bennett, Abby Paulson, and Shannon Alexander, (2013)

    As a result of the disclosures [by Edward Snowden through the Guardian and the Washington Post], the intelligence community has been forced to declassify and release documents that, until recently, they (and the FISA Court) averred could not and should not be declassified. The misdirection in which our government has engaged and the use of secret law are, for us, as disturbing as the activities they have hidden.

  • The Must Read 2013 Secrecy Report is Out, by Nate Jones, Unredacted: The National Security Archive (October 7, 2013).

    [T]he Report presents the best chronology I have seen of the efforts various government agencies used to obscure the methods of intelligence collection they utilized.

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