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State Agency Databases Activity Report 7/7/2013

While we haven’t posted a report for awhile, activity has been buzzing at the State Agency Databases project at

For a full listing of the activity for the past two weeks, visit Here are some highlights:


DELAWARE (John Stevenson)

Delaware Public Archives Collection Gateway – Search indexes of some of the public collections by name or keyword. Collection descriptions are added or updated quarterly.

GEORGIA (Chris Sharpe)

Wage and Salary Survey – Search the results of the most recent three years the DCA Wage and Salary Survey. Information includes the pay range, number of full time employees, and the number of hours worked each week for over 160 different local government jobs.

MASSACHUSETTS (Jennifer Ekblaw)

Lead Inspection Histories – You can look up the inspection history of a property by entering a street name or street name and number. The database will indicate whether a property has ever been inspected for lead, has had any lead hazards, or has a letter of compliance.

MINNESOTA (Paul J McDonough)

Offender Locator – Public information about adult offenders who have been committed to the Commissioner of Corrections, and who are still under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections


SCDOT Street Finder – Search the over 41,000 miles of SCDOT-maintained roads by county and municipality. Shows results on a map.

SOUTH DAKOTA (Brenda Hemmelman)

Commercial Fertilizer Licenses in South Dakota – Search by company or city.

WEST VIRGINIA (Jenn Zuccaro)

Vista Lite – vendor payment search, Vista – requires creation of free account – provides detailed vendor information, state & city reports, state employee compensation, FOIA request form.


ARKANSAS (April Sheppard)

School Report Card, formerly available at


Delaware DataMIL (Data Mapping and Integration Laboratory), formerly available at Information about the former database remains available.


Zimmer Newspaper Indexes – From the website, “The main index generally covers the years 1878-1937, although there are selected entries for earlier and later dates. Entries include obituaries, coverage of political events, speeches, dedications, visits of foreign dignitaries and general news events. The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Journal, and Boston Transcript were indexed most consistently, although there are entries for other newspapers as well. A later index, covering the years 1960 to 1983, includes articles from the Boston Globe and Boston Herald which are primarily political or governmental in nature.” Database consists of scanned index cards. Database may be browsed by subject or searched by card title/headline.

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