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Citizen-based Semantic Web of Government Information — The Ultimate ReMix?

How can anyone deal with 368 million Web pages under the federal .gov domain? Researchers have a very interesting proposal for using wikis to enhance and enable government information. Use of wiki technology would “allow outside parties to add contextual information and pull together disparate strands of data.” They see this as an implementation of the semantic web concept.

Their paper is here:

  • Building Semantic Webs for e-government with Wiki technology, by Christian Wagner, Karen S.K. Cheung and Rachael K.F. Ip, Electronic Government (2006) Vol. 3, No. 1. (PDF, 20pp, 944k)
  • And a brief article about it is here:

  • Researchers recommend Wikis for government information By Joab Jackson, Government Computer News (1/09/06).
  • They advocate building two-layered Web pages, with the agency providing a base layer of information and interactive pages layered on top that domain experts, volunteers and others could use to annotate and link the data.

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