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State Agency Databases Activity Report 7/10/2011

Activity continues at the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States project. See a blow by blow list of changes from the previous seven days at Some highlights from this week are:



Licensed Athletic Trainer Search – Searchable database of licensed athletic trainers, by first name and last name.


Arthropod (i.e. bugs) Management Database – Intended for commercial plant growers, this database “allows you to search for insects and mites that are pests on trees, shrubs and other plants in the landscape, the nursery or Christmas tree farm.” Searchable by damage type, pest and plant. One of each, plus a “profession” must be selected to ensure a successful search.


Confederate Pension Applications Index Database – This database consists of alphabetically arranged pensions granted from 1898 for veterans and widows. The pensions may include service information, occupation, place of residence, and number of children. The collection also contains a few applications for individuals other than veterans or widows that were not granted.

This particular database was also added to our Official Records Databases page.

South Carolina

Orders – The database of Orders of the Public Service Commission is being expanded to cover orders and rate requests from 1990 to present. Searches can be by keyword, with filtering by industry.


Classics in Washington History – A searchable database of more than 160 scanned Washington history publications in 14 subject categories such as geography, territorial and state government, exploration and early travel, and women’s stories.



Parenting Program Directory – Basic information about existing parent education programs in Arkansas. Directory is searchable by county and keyword.

In addition to the changes above, the SADATFS Volunteer Guide was updated with some style guidelines and a clarification was made to the “What is a Database?” page.

We continue to need people to adopt the following orphan state pages:

Connecticut – Links fixed this week through govdoc-l crowdsourcing!
District of Columbia
New Jersey
New Mexico
South Dakota
West Virginia

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