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New Future Digital System document released–adopts OAIS, contains detailed mgt structure

The Future Digital System site had this new item posted in the last week:

Master Integrator acquisition update:

The draft RFP for Master Integrator (MI) services is now available through FedBizOpps. Questions and Comments related to the draft should be submitted to Herb Jackson at hjackson@gpo.gov no later than January 20, 2006.

This 16 page document may be worth a close reading, as it outlines the goals of the FDSys system, provides background on GPO’s new technology management office, and provides background on FDSys.

The background on FDSys is interesting enough to post here and now:

2.3 FDsys Background

FDsys will ingest, preserve, provide access to, and deliver content of all three branches of the U.S. Government. The proposed future system is envisioned as a comprehensive, systematic, and dynamic means for preserving electronic content free from dependence on specific hardware and/or software. The system should automate many of the electronic content lifecycle processes and make it easier to deliver content in formats suited to customers’ needs.

FDsys is described in detail by the ConOps and RD (available at: http://www.gpo.gov/projects/fdsys_documents.htm).

In general, FDsys will be a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management System composed of approximately 6 solution clusters (Content Management, Content Preservation, Content Access, Content Delivery, Content Submission, Infrastructure) which are comprised of 20 to 25 functional areas. FDsys will be developed by a joint GPO and Contractor team. FDsys will also represent a modification to the existing GPO business structure.

GPO has adopted the use of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model for an archival system that is dedicated to preserving and maintaining access to digital information. OAIS is a domain neutral reference model with characteristics broadly applicable to the management of any information over time. The OAIS model has been adapted and used in other research collaborations and provides the scalability, extensibility, and interoperability required for a system of this magnitude. Please consult the ConOps for more information on OAIS.

GPO intends to hire a prime contractor who will serve as Master Integrator to acquire and integrate suitable COTS and CaNDI components which meet FDsys requirements. The suitable COTS and CaNDI components will be selected by GPO and the MI. GPO will make the final approval of all COTS and CaNDI components. GPO is seeking a qualified contractor for the selection, acquisition, and subsequent integration of technologies and applications.

Worth posting also is the summary of responsibilities that GPO is looking for in a FDSys Contractor:

1.0 Summary of Master Integrator Responsibilities

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) requires the services of a contractor that will serve as Master Integrator (MI) for building GPO’s Future Digital System (FDsys). The ultimate objective for the MI will be to integrate various components, technology, and applications of FDsys functional clusters, and subsequently deliver a world-class Information Lifecycle Management System that meets the requirements as outlined in FDsys documentation (http://www.gpo.gov/projects/fdsys_documents.htm). In general, the MI will be required to:

• Work within GPO’s Technology Management structure to select the components of technology that meet or exceed defined requirements.

• Work with the FDsys Program Management Office (PMO), Chief Technical Officer and Chief Information Officer (and their staff) to perform concept selection as well as reliability and robustness testing of the solution sets for clusters identified by GPO.

• Once the selection of technology is accomplished, acquire and then integrate solution sets into the subsequent working releases of FDsys.

• Assist GPO with system testing and training, and provide initial operating capability through beta testing.

• Develop a work plan for completing the integration of the system to meet the requirements.

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