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Fall 2005 DLC Meeting Content Watch: Three weeks w/o vision

The Fall 2005 meeting of the Depository Library Council closed three weeks ago today. While we commend GPO for posting many of the educational sessions from the meeting, they are being sluggish in posting Council Visioning materials and other Council related content. As of this writing, the following material was missing in action on their official proceedings page:

Council Discussion, Questions and Answers Coming Soon!


Council Session: In the Age of Massive Digitization: Libraries, Government Information and the Public – Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information


Council and FDLP Visioning Session

GODORT Meeting Arlene Weible, GODORT Chair, University of North Texas Libraries


Council and FDLP Visioning Session: Report from Breakouts

GPO Access Open Forum / New Databases

Council and FDLP Visioning Session, Wrap-up

GPO Open Forum on FDLP & CIP Operations


Plenary Session with Public Printer of U.S. – Webcast (GPO’s) coming soon!

Regional Depository Library Meeting

As an organization trying to establish a 21th Century high speed, high tech pedigree and trying to build trust with the depository community, it would benefit GPO to get out high profile proceedings within a week or two of events. If the Wyoming Library Association can manage it, so can the Government Printing Office.

While we wait, don’t forgot that we have (medium quality) audio of many of the vision-oriented events on our Fall 2005 Grassroots proceedings page.

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