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McCain’s “Internet Freedom Act” = dangerous oxymoron

[w:Net neutrality] is again in the news. John McCain has just come out with the oxymoronic S. 1836 “Internet Freedom Act” (as opposed to Representative Markey’s H.R. 3458 “Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009”). The bill’s actual title is “A bill to prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from further regulating the Internet.” This is wrong for so many reasons. Net neutrality is the core tenet upon which the internet was built (all packets created equal!”). So in other words the FCC’s proposed net neutrality regulations (and remember, the FCC has regulated every form of media communication in the 20th century!) will actually protect the non-regulation of internet traffic from telcos and ISPs who would like to turn the internet into a toll road.

The Sunlight Foundation’s Real Time Investigations points out that telecom companies worried about net neutrality have been spreading a lot of $$ around DC and the #1 recipient of their largesse is Senator McCain, the self-professed technological “illiterate”, who, took in $894,379.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to Xeni Jardin and Jon Stewart describe the silliness of McCain’s “Internet Freedom Act”:

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