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Supreme Court Week on C-SPAN

C-SPAN is offering a week of special programming about the Supreme Court October 4-11, each night at 9pm (EST).

This Sunday night, Supreme Court Week kicks off on C-SPAN with the premiere of our new feature-length documentary The Supreme Court: Home to America’s Highest Court. Hear directly from all 11 current and retired Supreme Court Justices about the role of the Court, its traditions, and history. Tour the building and see the grand public spaces of this historic building, including the Great Hall and Supreme Court Chamber, and spaces only accessible to the Justices and their staff, such as the Robing Room and the John Marshall Dining Room. The rest of the week features more original Supreme Court programs, including interviews with the sitting and retired Justices, Supreme Court staff, historians, and journalists at 9 pm ET, Oct. 5 – 11. For video clips, a trailer, bonus material about the Supreme Court, and series information, visit www.c-span.org/supremecourt.

Some highlights:

Friday, Oct. 9
9 – 11:30 pm
Interviews with Justices Kennedy (9 pm), Ginsburg (9:40 pm), Scalia (10:20 pm), and O’Connor (10:55 pm)

Saturday, Oct. 10
9 pm – midnight
Interviews with Justices Sotomayor (9 pm), Thomas (9:40 pm), Breyer (10:30 pm), and Alito (11:25 pm)

Sunday, Oct. 11
9 – 10:40 pm
Interviews with Justices Roberts (9 pm) and Stevens (10 pm)

See the complete schedule for the week here: http://supremecourt.c-span.org/TVPrograms.aspx .

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