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200510190830 – Depository Library Council – Plenary Session with Public Printer of US

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0:00:00 BS: Council Aerobics

0:03:45 BJ: The GPO troops reported that they felt this was the best meeting so far.

0:05:10 This is the best job I’ve ever had.

0:06:45 Tales of Thomas Benedict, a previous Public Printer.
In 1895 he moved from steam to electric power.
A few years later, he purchased electric trucks and got rid of the horses.
GPO still has the stables in the basement.

0:09:05 We fear that letting go of the past will lead to worse constituent service.
BJ describes the physical GPO building and its antiquated-ness.

0:11:00 Describes the plan to move GPO facilities

0:11:40 “a marvelous scheme” [referring to the plan to deal with the GPO building]

0:12:20 The GPO $35 million budget is mostly devoted to overhead costs associated with the building

0:13:25 BJ will need to call on the community for political support with Congress

0:14:00 This is BJ’s 6th DLC. The first initiated a long range plan.
BJ emphasizes that his/our job is not commercial.
The GPO Strategic Plan incorporated input from more than 200 staff members.

0:19:30 BJ states he’s heard something to the effect of “Mr. James, we know you’re right, but we just don’t know how to get there.”

0:20:45 The analog world of print.

0:21:10 Limitations have been lifted in the digital era.

0:21:40 BJ is participating in the 10 year plan for the National Libraries of Medicine. Their digital library is growing fast, 1000x in 5 years, and they’re planning for it.
“We’re inventing a new pathway to the future.”

0:23:15 BJ talks about Mike Wash

0:23:55 The task set before council: what will the FDLP look like a few years down the road?

0:25:55 “I do not want to preserve the stables. I do not want to keep buying feed.”

0:27:00 It’s GPO’s job to do the nuts and bolts. It’s DLC’s job to tell GPO where to go. It’s “not a good idea to tell us how to do it.”

0:28:05 BS delivers “Our Preferred Future.” [BS told me that she would be trying to get the ppt file she presented up on the DLC site asap]
Aerobic: How many in the audience participated in the DLC Spring meeting in Albuquerque? Half the room stands up.

0:28:55 Review of the Albuquerque points made in response to BJ’s challenge (e.g., I the user want free information, easy to find… I the library want all the things theuser wants, plus…)

0:31:01 DA’s challenge

0:32:40 Opportunity to work on the challenge here at the Fall DLC

0:33:45 Process [see slide]

0:35:10 The Vision [see slide]

0:37:20 Themes [see slide]
Focus on the customer
Collaborate; use loose network
Increase flexibility
Expand expertise through educational opportunities
Think creatively, innovate
Proactively market government information

0:40:59 The four discussion areas with prospective action items associated with each.

0:41:00 Adding value [see slide]

0:43:46 Collections/Content [see slide]
Print still has a place.
Digital depositories could incorporate new item selection scheme.
Build registries/indexes of digital depositories to share content and reduce dupication of effort

0:46:30 Deploying expertise [see slide]

0:48:25 Deploying expertise, slide 2 [see slide]

0:50:00 Non-exclusive environment [see slide]

0:51:55 Themes, redux [see slide]

0:52:34 Next Steps [see slide]
The DLC blog will remain open for a while.
BS makes an explicit request for active participation of the audience members.
Visioners will meet again at ALA Midwinter.
Visioners will meet after that at the Spring DLC.

0:54:05 Timeline [see slide]
Aerobic: who will help move the FDLP forward? Everyone stands.

0:55:50 Videographers change tape.

0:57:10 BS: opens discussion to Council questions.

0:57:19 DA: encourages the creation of a forum for continued discussion.

0:58:47 BJ: This is not just about libraries. GPO services 550 agencies.

1:02:55 GS: Non-exclusive environment, a much bigger tent.

1:04:15 WW: Lauds the registries of expertise as a concretestep toward the developing vision.

1:05:10 BJ: response.

1:05:35 BJ: Prospective changes to Title 44
“We will look to your guidance on this.”

1:09:04 BS: Although the presentation did not reflect it, we have been discussing Title 44. However, we are focusing on the visioning task first.

1:10:06 BJ: offers suggestions on how to get changes to Title 44 accomplished. He mentions Andy [Andrew] Sherman, GPO Director of Congressional Relations, and Tony [Anthony] Zugami, GPO General Counsel. Put together a group at the appropriate time with strong support from the library community.

1:12:00 DA: notes his own history degree and the interesting nature of the progressive era.
Many of our customers are still riding the horse.
BJ: This is probably our largest collective problem.

1:13:40 BJ: I will listen to the community… I want to make sure that we are providing the right service.
Don’t think about services appropriate today, but instead think about the future [with regards to the evolving sophistication of technology and the needs that will be placed on content].

1:15:52 BJ: [??? Something about preservation and/or document delivery involving the legacy collection]

1:16:40 BJ: communicates his disappointment with the library community for not supplying GPO with an effective Essential Titles for Publication in Print list.
This task is monopolizing too much time of his senior staff.

1:18:08 MP: The GPO should work with issuing bodies on the primary sources of the law.

1:19:40 BJ: response.

1:20:20 BJ: Other governments can offer guidance. E.g., Austria has implemented an electronic-version-is-official policy.

1:21:38 AM: The delays in the Essential Titles for Publication in Print are not the fault of the GPO.
The list has been refined for use in a survey. It will only be useful to determine interest in serial titles. With monographs, we won’t know if we need it until we see it.

1:24:30 BJ: This is an antiquated model you’re working with.

1:25:00 BS: For the record, it’s not only the legal works that must appear in print.

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  1. During the GPO Update, it was announced that this session with the Public Printer would be recorded on video and available on the Web within two weeks of the conference. The provider will maintain the video for 12 months and will then be transferred for permanent public access.

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