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Guide of the Week: Administrative Law

A fair amount of news coverage has revolved around the regulatory activity of the Obama Administration — whether it is to keep Bush era regulations or to propose new regulatory schemes. Today’s Guide of the Week from the ALA GODORT Handout Exchange Wiki will help you keep the process straight and help you find regulations past and present:

Administrative Law: The Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations (Hui Hua Chua, Michigan State University, 2008)

Hui Hua’s excellent guide starts out at the beginning, by explaining what a regulation is. Then she links people to four separate places that explain the complex federal regulatory process. Chances are at least one will make sense to you. Then she moves on to provide tips on searching for regulations online (1996-present) and in print.

I’ve worked with documents for well over a decade, but this guide taught me something new (or helped me to remember). You can get from the US Code to the Code of Federal Regulations(CFR) by using the index volume of the CFR, labeled “CFR Index and Finding Aids.” The “Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules” to link a US Code Section to a section of the CFR. She also tells us what I did know, that sections of the CFR will state their statutory authority, linking us back to the US Code.

Hui Hua concludes her guide with ways to keep with proposed regulations. If your work or study touches on federal regulation in any way, you’ll want to take a close look at this guide. And if you’re a librarian with a guide or handout of your own, please link it to the Handout Exchange.

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