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GPO’s timetable for FDSys

GPO fast tracks FDSys project, By Rob Thormeyer, Government Computer News, October 6, 2005.

At an industry day last week, GPO officials said they hope to award the contract for the Future Digital Content System (FDSys) by Feb. 22, 2006. “Under the current plan, the system will be phased in starting in July 2006, when it will reach core functionality. In January 2007, the system will be expanded, and FDSys should be completely operational in July 2007.”

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  1. I find it interesting they are looking to fast track FDSys, when their Franklin Intergrated Library System (ILS) is now two months overdue. Their last rollout update back in June claimed an August 1st start date. Nothing been heard about it since!

    Are you positive FDSys is being done ahead of schedule? They have a pretty complicated implementation deadline.

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