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Guide of the Week: Defense Readiness

President Obama has been President a few weeks. On Guide of the Week we come to the last of the 13 urgent issues facing President Obama and the new Congress.

The Government Accountability Office recently identified Defense Readiness as one of 13 urgent issues facing the next President and Congress. Today on Guide of the Week, we’ll talk about a librarian produced guide from the ALA GODORT Handout Exchange Wiki that can help inform citizens, Congress and President-Elect Obama on this issue.

After searching through the Handout Exchange, the only guide that really seems helpful is the University of Colorado at Boulder’s guide, Military Information Resources and Periodicals.

The folks at UC Boulder link to several resources that should be of use to people studying military readiness and its possible improvement, including:

  • Annual Defense Report – “Annual Report to the President and the Congress, commonly referred to as the Annual Defense Report, details how the Department of Defense built its capabilities and is working to maintain them in the future. In addition to fulfilling a statutory requirement, specifically U.S.C. Title 10, the Secretary of Defense’s Annual Defense Report is widely distributed and serves as a basic reference document for those interested in national defense issues and programs.”
  • Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network – This group is a privately-funded, non-profit organization “engaged in analysis and advocacy on science, technology, and public policy for global security”. The federation provides extensive information on U.S. military operations, aircraft, Navy ships, land warfare systems, missiles, smart weapons, dumb bombs, aircraft and naval equipment, and a directory of defense contractors. In addition, it provides analysis of significant issues, such as NATO expansion, and an extensive collection of Congressional material, such as budgets and GAO and CRS reports. The site also provides extensive information on military aircraft, ships, land warfare, and missile technologies in the “Rest of the World (ROW)”.

Having shown you what librarians were able to contribute to understanding GAO’s 13 critical issues, we will return to the regular “Guide of the Week” format next week where we will explore a single librarian produced information guide. If you want your guide highlighted for our FGI audience, then go put it up on the ALA GODORT Exchange Wiki.

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