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Guide of the Week: Transition to Digital Television

Sad to say, for the second time during this Guide of the Week: Transition Edition, I’ve come up empty. While the General Accountability Office identified the Transition to Digital Television as one of 13 critical transition issues, there appears to be no librarian-produced guides linked to ALA GODORT Handout Exchange Wiki to inform people about this issue. If you know of one, please post it to the Handout Exchange.

As a consolation prize, it turns out that the phrase “Digital Television Transition” is a good way to kick the tires on the public beta of GPO’s new FDSys at http://fdsys.gpo.gov. Type in the words without quotes and you’ll get 2,654 results. That seems too many to look at once? Then use the “narrow your search” options in the left hand column. You might start with “congressional hearlings (761)” That brings you a new list of “narrow your search” options. From there you might choose “House appropriations committee (81)” After that, try clicking on “see more” under “keywords.” Try clicking on “public broadcasting” and you’ll find four hearings. The search results contain snippets with your search terms and come from several different congresses.

As long as I’m talking about FDSys, I want to say THANKS to GPO for including “find in a library” links that are equal in effectiveness to their “purchase this item” links.

Next week I’ll be dealing with librarian produced guides relating to “Defense Readiness” So if you have any guides relating to that topic, please try and post them to the Handout Exchange this week.

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