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Finding Government Blogs

As we see more government information move off the .gov domains and into the commercial sector, the problem of finding and identifying government information becomes more difficult.

As more agencies are blogging, one would hope that there would be a central registry of agency blogs. The closest I can find is the USA.gov listing, Blogs from the U.S. Government, which lists 38 links to active blogs. Some of those link to more than one blog, however (see for example, http://www.si.edu/blogs/default.htm), so the count is not complete.

Out of curiosity, I checked how many of the 38 links were not to .gov or .mil sites. There are 10, including two to Smithosonian’s .edu sites and GPO’s own FDsys blog:

* ASY Live Blog http://asylive.blogspot.com/ – The “ASY Live Blog,” an extension of the Department of Defense America Supports You program, highlights the support supplied by citizens and corporations nationwide to our men and women in uniform and communicates that support to our troops.

* Energy Savers http://eere.typepad.com/energysavers/ – The Energy Savers Blog provides a place for consumers to learn about and discuss energy efficiency and renewable technologies at home, on the road, and in the workplace.

* Eye Level http://eyelevel.si.edu/ – This Smithsonian American Art Museum blog covers American art and the ways it reflects American history and culture.

* Future Digital System http://fdsys.blogspot.com/ – U.S. Government Printing Office blog about the Future Digital System program that will be a world-class information life-cycle management system

* Grants.gov http://grants-gov.blogspot.com – Updates for the grant community.

* Mount Rainier National Park Volunteers Blog http://rainiervolunteers.blogspot.com/ – Get the latest news about the volunteer program at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington.

* National Parks http://blog.nationalparks.org/ – The National Park Foundation enriches the connection Americans have with our National Parks.

* Pushing Back http://pushingback.com/blogs/pushing_back/default.aspx – Office of National Drug Control Policy blog to educate Americans about illegal drugs and the latest international, federal, state, and local efforts to reduce drug use

* Smithsonian Institution http://www.si.edu/blogs/default.htm – Bloggers offer insights and information about Smithsonian Institution exhibitions, events, collections, research projects, and more.

* Take Pride in America: The Blog http://takeprideblog.blogspot.com/ – Take Pride in America, a national partnership program aimed at increasing volunteer service on America’s public lands, hosts this blog to empower volunteers from every corner of America to maintain and enhance our natural, cultural, and historical sites.

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