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tag cloud of the google book deal

I’ve been so busy lately (research time of the term, helping to organize the first ever Stanford Open Source (un)conference…) that I’ve neglected to comment on the Google Book Search Copyright Settlement. The library blogosphere is abuzz, so I won’t add anything else, just point to some people I trust who’ve tracked on the Deal much closer than me (like Peter Brantley, Karen Coyle, John Wilkins, and James Grimmelmann; Siva Vaidhyanathan has links to them all plus some of his own commentary!) But I DID want to show the tag cloud of the agreement. Notice anything?

access accommodated accordance act action additional administration advertising agreed agreement amount applicable apply approval arbitrator article attachment audit authorized available based behalf benefits book breach case cash challenge change claimant claims class classification commencement commercially conduct confidential consumer contain contemplated content continue controlled cooperating copies copyright corpus costs counsel court damages data database date days decision deposit described designated determination digital direct directly display dispute distribution dollars domain education effective either entire entity event except exclude exclusion expression extent fees final following form forth fully funds general google government higher host ii iii implementation inc including information initial inserts institutional intentional interest iv ix law ldc library library-registry limited list material means members million models necessary non-consumptive notice notify number obligations order otherwise pages participating party pay payment percent period permitted person plaintiffs plan preview pricing principal print prior procedures process products program prohibited provided provisions public publisher purchase purposes pursuant qualified reasonable regarding registered registry released releasee remedies remove report representative request required research resolution respect responsible result revenue rights rightsholder scan search section security services settlement site sole specified standard states strategy sub-class subject subscription tax terms third third-party unauthorized unclaimed united unless user uses work written year
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