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Updates on Net Neutrality

Here are some recent items about [w:Network Neutrality] that should, alternately, make your blood pressure rise and give you something constructive to do about it! (See also: Net Neutrality on FGI).

  • Comcast Blocking: First the Internet — Now the Public February 25th, 2008 by jstearns. “Comcast — or someone who really, really likes Comcast — evidently bused in its own crowd. These seat-warmers, were paid to fill the room, a move that kept others from taking part.”
  • Comcast Manipulating NAACP on Net Neutrality, by: Matt Stoller, Wed Feb 27, 2008. “a flyer calling for a rally protesting the FCC under the NAACP’s name, put out by a PR firm, and disavowed by the local NAACP as simply a ‘draft’, was going around on the same day as a net neutrality hearing that Comcast packed with a crowd they hired to prevent net neutrality advocates from attending.
  • Net Neutrality’s Quiet Crusader By Cecilia Kang, Washington Post, March 28, 2008; Page D01. [also available here] “A soft-spoken 30-year-old PhD candidate, Ben Scott has become an operator in multibillion-dollar battles involving corporate titans, regulators and consumers debating policies over who controls the media and the Internet.”
  • Software for Keeping ISPs Honest, by Peter Eckersley, March 28th, 2008. “…the general problem of ISPs doing strange things to Internet traffic without telling their customers is likely to continue in the future. EFF and many other organizations are working on software to test ISPs for unusual (mis)behavior. In this detailed post, we have a round-up of the tools that are out there right now, and others that are in development…”

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