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CDC Employees Gather Round a Blog

While browsing ThinkProgress, I came across a reference to CDC Chatter, which says it is for:


Welcome to, an unofficial blog for employees of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), external partners and others who are interested in CDC. This blog was established for CDC employees and others to post information, express opinions, make comments and otherwise communicate about decisions, changes, events and other issues that are occurring at CDC. This blog is intended to provide a forum for people to express their views. It is not intended as a forum for disclosing classified or confidential information nor is it intended in any way to compromise the mission and efficacy of CDC.

The site statistics they post on their front page suggests they get good traffic:

Site Statistics
Thru January 2008
561 – Stories
6,373 – Comments

For the month of January:
16 – New stories
250 – New comments
6,477 – Unique visitors
1215 – Average visits per day
14,175 – Average hits per day

Some of the most recent news/discussion topics included:

  • A reader has written expressing concern that in times of tightened resources, NCCDPHP leadership is not marshalling its energies to continue to address the threats of chronic diseases.
  • With the impending budget cuts what are some ways CDC can cut its budget and still provide the public with the healthcare knowledge and service they deserve?
  • CDC CAREER DAY – Setting People up for Failure?
  • Congress to probe CDC for withholding report

Looks like an interesting resource for those interested in the federal health community. Also looks like a way to get a potentially unfiltered view of government operations. I would how a would work out?

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