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Senator Obama addresses Net Neutrality in Podcast from 2006

My Google Alert for podcasts works in strange ways. Today, for example, it sent me a podcast episode by Sen. Barack Obama done in 2006. Why it’s flagging it now, I don’t know.

But it’s an interesting episode that addresses a major FGI interest, net neutrality. You can find the episode at http://obama.senate.gov/podcast/060608-network_neutral/. I think he sums up the issues well:

"It is because the Internet is a neutral platform that I can put out this podcast and transmit it over the Internet without having to go through any corporate media middleman. I can say what I want without censorship or without having to pay a special charge.

But the big telephone and cable companies want to change the Internet as we know it. They say that they want to create high speed lanes on the Internet and strike exclusive contractual agreements with Internet content providers for access to those high speed lanes.

Everyone who cannot pony up the cash will be relegated to the slow lanes."

 If you’re aware of other candidate statements on Net Neutrality, feel free to post links to them in comments. Interestingly, Sen. Obama’s last podcast seems to have been on April 12, 2007. See all of his topics at http://obama.senate.gov/podcast/. If you’re aware of him podcasting somewhere else, let us know by leaving a comment.

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