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FBI Documents To The 9/11 Commission Released by INTELWIRE

INTELWIRE has announced that they’ve obtained more than 1,700 pages of FBI documents that are cited in the endnotes of the Final Report of the 9/11 Commission. The documents were obtained by Intelwire under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents reveal many new details about the hijacker’s movements, possible links between the hijackers and the government of Saudi Arabia, and connections to extremist figures in the United States, including blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. There is a wide variety of information, including the movements of the hijackers over more than 10 years, people who associated with the hijackers in the U.S., FBI interviews with the victims, transcripts of phone calls to the hijacked flights, intelligence obtained by overseas agencies. The documents are listed on the Intelwire website according to the chapter of the 9/11 Report in which they appeared. According to Intelwire, this may be the largest online repository of 9/11 source documents on the Web. Over the next several months these documents will also be posted individually and chronologically at INTELFILES.com with descriptive text, and additional comment and analysis as appropriate. Please note that the documents have been heavily redacted. A chronologically ordered package is available to researchers, including multiple copies of documents with different redactions.

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