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Global Warming Debate online

The founder of the highly respected Arts & Letters Daily Web site has created a new site  Climate Debate Daily  – a forum for both sides in the "heated" controversy over global warming. The site’s dual format sheds a scholarly light on this heavily politicized battle.  According to the website, Climate Debate Daily is intended to deepen our understanding of disputes over climate change and the human contribution to it. The site links to scientific articles, news stories, economic studies, polemics, historical articles, PR releases, editorials, feature commentaries, and blog entries. It includes arguments and evidence generally in support of the IPCC position on the reality of signficant anthropogenic global warming – and also includes material skeptical of the IPCC position and the notion that anthropogenic global warming represents a genuine threat to humanity.   As a matter of editorial policy, Climate Debate Daily "maintains a studied neutrality", allowing each side to present its most powerful and persuasive case. The goal is to allow readers to form their own judgments based on the best available information. The issue of climate change will remain important because it is affecting  government policies on a variety of issues worldwide. 

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