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Happy 100th to Oregon State Docs Program

FGI wishes to extend a belated Happy Anniversary to the Oregon Documents Depository Program, which turned 100 this month. To celebrate, the Oregon State Library has established a centennial anniversary website. Their introduction covers all the high points:

The State Library celebrates the Oregon Documents Depository Program Centennial!

The Oregon Documents Depository Program was founded in 1907 on a principle that still can be found in our state documents depository law today:

"It is a basic right for citizens to know about the activities of their government, to benefit from the information developed at public expense and to have permanent access to the information published by state agencies."

For 100 years, the State Library, depository libraries, and state agencies have made information about our state government available to citizens, and have preserved it for future generations.

This exhibit celebrates the Depository Program’s centennial.
We hope you enjoy it and visit us often!



There are four sections to the exhibit displaying scanned documents either distributed by the depository program or about the program itself: Documents that changed Oregon; History of the Oregon Documents Program; New Oregon Documents Repository and Fun Stuff.

The Fun Stuff collection has a 1937 document called Are Young Drivers Good Drivers? Then as now, the government concluded no and used bar charts to prove its point.

This looks like a great way to celebrate state documents and our hats are off to Jey Wann and the rest of the Oregon Documents folks for sharing this.

Sadly, doing a centennial exibit on the Alaska State Documents program probably isn’t in the cards for me. Our program was established in 1970, so I wouldn’t be able to put on an exhibit till I’m a 105 and by then I hope to have moved on to other things. 🙂 But I could do a forty year anniversary in 2010.

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