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Official GPO Spring DLC Proceedings starting to become available

A month after the close of the Spring 2005 DLC Council meeting, the Government Printing Office (GPO) has begun to post its official proceedings at http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/pubs/proceedings/05spring.

As of May 23, 2005 only two items were available at the official site:

  • GPO Update Handout – PDF
  • Judy Russell, Superintendent of Documents Remarks of the Superintendent of Documents – PDF

In addition to this limited offering, the new Admin Notes provides a little more detail.

Our grassroots proceedings did not have Judy Russell’s remarks or the FDLP Myths and Monsters, so we’re thankful that GPO chose new content to post first.

Still, this is far too slow for an organization that is positioning itself as a 21st Century institution. FGI has proved that handouts at least can be put up within a few days of their receipt. Since GPO presumably had copies of the handouts by the end of the conference, their page should have had them the day after Council.

We understand the delay if GPO needed to transcribe speeches or discussions; but here too they could have utilized 21st Century technology to speed information to the depository community. What kept them from inexpensively recording sessions as FGI did and post those recordings either to their own web site or through the Internet Archives? The tools for rapid communication are there. GPO needs to embrace them.

If you have comments on what GPO has put out, or about the Spring 2005 meeting in general, please post a comment.

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