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Are there really 25 states without a podcast?

As you know, FGI has been paying renewed attention to government podcasts. After moderate searching on some people’s favorite search engine, I have concluded that the 25 states listed below have no state government podcasts:

Alabama – AL – www.alabama.gov – Nothing found 4/26/2007
Alaska – AK Nothing found 4/26/2007
Arizona – AZ Nothing found 4/26/2007
Colorado – CO Nothing as of 4/26/2007
Hawaii – HI Nothing Found 4/26
Idaho – ID Nothing found 4/26
Iowa – IA Nothing found 4/26
Louisiana – LA Nothing found 4/26
Maine – ME Nothing found 4/26
Maryland – MD Nothing found 4/26
Massachusetts – MA Nothing found 4/26
Montana – MT Nothing found 4/26
New Hampshire – NH Nothing found 4/26
New Jersey – NJ Nothing found 4/26
New Mexico – NM Nothing found 4/26
North Dakota – ND Nothing found 4/26
Oklahoma – OK Nothing found 4/26
Pennsylvania – PA Nothing found 4/26
Rhode Island – RI Nothing found 4/26 – but ri.gov looks like they’re getting ready to podcast in near future.
South Carolina – SC Nothing found 4/26
South Dakota – SD Nothing found 4/26
Vermont – VT Nothing found 4/26
West Virginia – WV Nothing found 4/26
Wyoming – WY Nothing found 4/26

Am I right? I am defining a government podcast as follows:

  1. It must have audio or video produced either by a state agency, local government or an elected official.
  2. It must be hosted on a government server (.orgs/.edu that clearly id themselves as a gov’t body ok).
  3. The agency must put the CAST in podCAST by having an obvious way to subscribe to the podcast feed (RSS, iTunes, etc). Posting static audio files and expecting people to manually download files one by one won’t cut it.)

If you know of a podcast in the 25 states listed above that meets the three conditions above, would you please let me know in comments or in an e-mail to dnlcornwall AT alaska.net? Thanks!

So far my search has turned up more than a dozen state/local podcasts that I’ll soon by adding to our Government Podcasts page.

As a teaser, check out the OH DNR Ohio Outdoor Notebook Radio Spots at http://www.dnr.ohio.gov/notebook/default.htm, one of the few podcasts I know that will give you the lowdown on Sassafras tea!

UPDATE 4/27/2007 – Thanks to Amanda Stone of the South Carolina State Library for pointing the locally produced podcasts of the South Carolina Educational Television Commission, commonly known as ETV. See our government podcasts page for details.

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