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Free Government Information (FGI) is a place for initiating dialogue and building consensus among the various players (libraries, government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, journalists, etc.) who have a stake in the preservation of and perpetual free access to government information. FGI promotes free government information through collaboration, education, advocacy and research.

200704171030 FDLP-DLC TRAINING

Unofficial Transcript of unofficial audio session provided by James Staub. Non-anonymous corrections are welcome.

200704171030 FDLP-DLC TRAINING

1035 slide
1035 slide GoPIG training – at depositry / public docs interest group meetings. Annual multi-day training sessions, training also incorporated into monthly meetings
1038 slide GoPIG training – occasionally meet at agency office. Denver has highest number of fed agencies outside Washington DC. Experience: depository librarians do better training than agency staff, especially those without training staff/programs.
1041 slide five state government documents conference
1044 slide GPO consultant proposal – funding never materialized
1046 slide CU hires grant writer – Liz Bishoff – TB found himself more interested in training than digitization or retrospective cataloging.
1047 slide Finding a Grant – identified the Laura Bush
1047 slide planning committee – Chris Brown, U Denver, has one of the most creative minds for using technology and government information
1048 slide planning committee expanded
1049 slide evolution of training concept – initially to train depository librarians, but evolved into training non-depository librarians as well.
1050 slide two issues with electronic government information – with electronic access, libraries no longer need to refer patrons to depository libraries
1051 slide BUT – referrals continue, not so much to the collection of depository libraries, but the expertise of depository librarians.
1052 slide depository librarian as trainer
1052 slide central repository of training material
1053 slide central repository of training material – GPO offered to host, but they weren’t ready to provide. WebJunction was selected as host. Although we would pay, users would not.
1054 slide final plan – year one
1054 slide final plan – year two

slide Government Information in the 21st century (Gi21) IMPLS grant
HANDOUT Government Information in the 21st Century, 1p
Train the trainer conference, June 6-8 at U CO, Boulder
1101 slide Conference concepts
[there’s some feedback from the speakers here…]
1104 slide Conference attendees
1106 slide attendees by state
1107 slide what is a module?
1109 slide the modules
1111 slide module list (by June)
1112 slide module list (by August 2007)
1113 screenshot [wiki]
1114 slide two inderfaces of webjunction
1117 slide screenshot webjunction Gi21 front page – is the URL for the Government Information in the 21st Century home
1118 slide screenshot something
1119 slide screenshot about the program
1120 slide module template
1121 slide screenshot demographics [module] –
1122 slide screenshot module contents [on URL above]
1125 slide screenshot key resources
1127 slide screenshot see also
1127 slide fitting in – versioning: handouts are appropriate in some training situations, web pages in others.
1128 slide screenshot module contents, again
1128 slide screenshot land resources
1129 slide screenshot copyright – one click something or another…
1130 slide fitting in – subtopics
1130 slide screenshot intellectual property law – we are trying to figure out how we pant to break topics down into manageable subtopics
1130 slide screenshot [I’m not quite sure what it is] – how do we let people know we’re on a subtopic page?
1131 slide screenshot ?
1131 slide next steps
1135 [might have missed some] slide after the conference
1136 slide contact information

KX, ALA: public libraries don’t all have high-speed access
KC: not many images, files are pretty simple, hopefully fast download
1138 GS how scalable?
TB we want to take it to a large scale, but haven’t had that conversation yet
GS if you decide you want to change platforms, can you get the stuff out of WebJunction?
KC not easily. WebJunction is really trying to make this work. NM state library would house if WJ falls through. The content won’t disappear. WJ is pushing for a long-term commitment.
RA we focused on WJ because of their development thrust – it is growing into a valuable resource. The upfront investment in getting things into WJ will pay off for us and for them to continue system development
TB …
1142 Barbie Selby, LofVA – module coordinators have access… who has to pay?
KC $ comes from grant for the first 2 years. FYI, material additions come from me and Jenny because of the WJ technical setup
1144 BARBIE S – can GPO use OPAL with WJ for remote training?
KC WJ has live meeting capability
Teddy P – I would propose looking at WJ archiving – and GPO could make these sessions available
RA on Barbie’s first question – we subscribe to WJ on behalf of all the state’s libraries. We have tab editors for the six tabs of WJ NM. Their content management is not as complicated as the CM in this project.

1147 DD, ALA – this is a fed grant – are the modules available to non-WJ partner states?
KC this is available openly. We could restrict access, and chose not to.
DD, ALA – fed money -> available to all. At the end of the grant period, will WJ provide free and open access in perpetuity?
KC there is that piece…
DD I’ve been on panels that rejected grants because of this
KC we have a partner willing to make stuff available
RA the ongoing fee will be to update and to add. NM has agreed to do this. Hopefully other partners will share.

1150 BS
state library discussion tonight at 5 in Aspen room
signup for tour of 10th circuit court of appeals library. No electronic devices. Have ID
schedule change – open forum – council wants part of second half to present recommendations to GPO. We will need 30-45 minutes for this.

1152 adjourn

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