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CISA is back. Act now! #StopCISA

A secretly negotiated version of The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) has been slipped into the 2000+ page “omnibus” spending bill that Congress must pass to avoid a government shutdown. That massive bill will be voted on this THURSDAY!

ALA and many others have been fighting this bill for years.

The bill encourages private sector companies to share personal information of individuals with the government by cuting corners on privacy, oversight and legal accountability. It provides law enforcement agencies a way to get personal information without having to go to court to get a warrant. The bill waives privacy and wiretapping laws to encourage companies to monitor their own networks and excuses companies from liability for violating privacy laws except in the most extreme cases.

Senator Ron Wyden, one of the only people in Congress willing to stand up against the bill, says, “it’s a surveillance bill by another name.”

Because the vote is due THURSDAY, ALA recommends that you send a tweet to your Member of Congress asking him or her to tell Speaker Ryan that middle-of-the-night deals that give the NSA new surveillance tools have no place in the omnibus budget bill, and that it’s not too late for the Speaker to #StopCISA .

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