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CIA Rebuttal to Senate Torture Report

A new, commercially-published book provides official responses from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to 2014 Senate Torture Report.

  • REBUTTAL: The CIA Responds to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Study of Its Detention and Interrogation Program, Bill Harlow, Editor, U.S. Naval Institute. Sep 2015. 418 pp. Introduction and essays © 2015 Annapolis, MD: U.S. Naval Institute

  • Contents:

    • Introduction: CIA Interrogation of al Qa’ida Terrorists—The Rest of the Story GEORGE J. TENET

    • What Must Never Happen Again? PORTER GOSS

    • Analysis: Flawed, Politicized … and Rejected GEN. MICHAEL V. HAYDEN, USAF, RET.

    • The Senate Majority Report on Interrogation: An Opportunity Lost JOHN McLAUGHLIN

    • First Amendment Wrongs MICHAEL MORELL

    • The Craft of Intelligence and the Value of Detainee Information: Lessons from the CIA’s al Qa’ida Prisoners J. PHILIP MUDD

    • The Legal Case for EITs JOHN RIZZO

    • Broken Covenant JOSE A. RODRIGUEZ JR.

    • The CIA Rebuttal

    • The Minority Report

The report to which the new book is responding is:

  • Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention And Interrogation Program, together with Foreword By Chairman Feinstein and Additional And Minority Views. Report Of The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence (December 9, 2014). 113th Congress, 2d Session, S.Rpt 113–288.
    PDF version [free].
    paper copy [$29].

Only 114 pages of the 418 pages in this book are new material. The remaining 304 pages are freely available elsewhere. The next-to-last chapter of the book (“The CIA Rebuttal”) is a copy of the 136 page Memorandum dated June 27, 2013 that is available on the CIA’s website.

The final chapter of Rebuttal (“The Minority Report”) is a copy of the “Minority Views” of Senators Chambliss, Burr, Risch, Coats, Rubio, and Coburn as published in the original SSCI Report (see the links above) and separately on the Senate Committee’s web site (Committee Releases Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program).

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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