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Government Spending Database Bill Approved by Senate

Good news on for open government and better government information:

After holds dropped, Senate clears database bill By Rob Thormeyer, Government Computer News (09/08/06).

Legislation to create a central database that will track all sorts of federal spending passed the Senate last night, ending a dizzying turn of events in which a handful of senators placed and removed opposition to the bill since it cleared a committee in late July.

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  1. jrjacobs says:

    I may be watching Ze Frank too much these days, but he had quite a lot to say about this on Friday (toward the end of the clip).

    Sweet! So the source of the money for corruption is still in place. And the mechanism by which brides can be rewarded is still in place; but now it’s the public’s job to sift through a whole bunch of crap to keep them in line. Now *that* is ethics reform!

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