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Litwin on librarians and search engines

Rory Litwin has a nice comment today over at Library Juice. He says he hates the slogan “Librarian: The Original Search Engine” because it confuses what librarians do with what search engines do. He suggests a better analogy would be: “Librarians are to search engines as astronomers are to telescopes.”

People who don’t know much about astronomy can get some use from a telescope, but we understand that with an astronomer’s knowledge it can become much more powerful as a tool for discovery. We would not say, “Astronomers: The original telescope,” and we wouldn’t think for a second that that a slogan like that would be flattering to astronomers or supportive of the astronomy profession.

But he goes further. Read the whole (short) post:

  • You would not say, “Astronomers: The Original Telescope”, by Rory Litwin, Library Juice, (November 30, 2012).

    …a good slogan for the library profession should also encompass the other roles that librarians play in their institutions, as selectors, organizers, and preservers of information resources who have their communities in mind, and as the creators and maintainers of the systems and intellectual infrastructures that facilitate the connections between them.

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